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Peggy Iacocca, the ex-wife of auto executive Lee Iacocca, says that during their brief marriage, she slept in the maid's quarters. The former Mrs. Iacocca talked about the union in an interview with entertainer Geraldo Rivera that is to be broadcast on his show March 16.

She described the master bedroom in their home as a "mausoleum" to honor the Chrysler chairman's first wife, who died in 1983, and said she "probably would have been crucified" had she entered the suite. "I lived my marriage in the maid's quarters," the former flight attendant said.She said the millionaire never gave her a credit card or checkbook while they were Mr. and Mrs. from 1986 to 1987. "You had to ask (Lee) and if it was something very important, you had to write down the reasons why you needed it."

To top off the interview, the former Mrs. Iacocca said that the auto magnate decided weeks before their wedding against having children with her because his grown children objected, and that he had a vasectomy days after their honeymoon.

Finally, she revealed the couple's Catholic Church marriage was annulled. "I don't understand it," she said. "Princess Caroline (of Monaco) can't get an annulment, so how can Lee Iacocca?"