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Bail once set at $150,000 for a Draper man charged with killing his friend was reduced a second time Friday to $40,000.

Khambay Tanpirak, 23, has remained in the Salt Lake County Jail since Jan. 1, when he was booked for the shooting death of Jesse Atwood, 20. Atwood was shot seven times in front of his White City home during a New Year's Eve party.Two weeks ago, a 3rd Circuit judge reduced bail to $50,000. But defense attorney Lynn Brown said the amount was "like no bail at all" because he could not post such a bond. He asked 3rd District Judge Richard Moffat to reduce the bail to somewhere between $15,000 and $25,000 so that Tanpirak could be released until his trial.

"I feel he would be absolutely no threat to the community," Brown said. Tanpirak's family is stable and has been in Utah since they arrived from Laos 11 years ago. If released, he would be living at home and helping with the family expenses and would not flee, Brown said, adding that Tanpirak has no criminal record.

But Bud Ellett, justice division chief of the county attorney's office, said a $50,000 bail was appropriate.

A Sandy woman and Tanpirak's LDS bishop also asked the judge to allow for his release, but a woman who said she represented the victim told the judge that neighbors are concerned about his release.

Trial was scheduled for June 8.