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Humorist Art Buchwald and his collaborator deserve $6.2 million for originating the idea for the Eddie Murphy box-office hit "Coming to America," their attorney said Friday in closing arguments.

Pierce O'Donnell told a judge that without Buchwald and producer Alain Bernheim, Paramount Pictures never would have been able to make the movie, which grossed $139 million."It is as much our cash cow as it is Paramount's," O'Donnell said. He settled on the $6.2 million recommended award after earlier saying it should be between $3 million and $25 million.

Paramount attorney Charles Diamond countered that the two deserve no more than $500,000. He earlier had recommended they get no more than $300,000. It wasn't immediately clear why he increased the figure.

Superior Court Judge Harvey Schneider is expected to rule on damages as early as next week. He ruled earlier that the movie was based on Buchwald's idea, although the studio insisted it was Murphy's creation.

"My long nightmare is over," Buchwald said outside court Friday. "No matter what happens here, we've changed what's going on in Hollywood."