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To the editor:

I have just returned to my rural north Florida home after a few days in your lovely valley and the ski areas of the Wasatch Range. I can report with fair objectivity that the natives were friendly and hospitable, the mountains spectacular, the snow adequate for my abilities and the crowds manageable.I was disappointed in the haze over the valley, as my memories of 40 years ago were of unlimited vistas - you could see forever.

The highlight of my visit, however, was my drive down to Orem and my conducted tour of the Geneva Steel plant. Morgan Thomas, the gentleman who conducted my son-in-law and me through the mill, was most gracious to give up over four hours of his Saturday to ensure that we could see it all and that all our questions were answered.

I know that air pollution is high on the list of problems in the valley. I also know that the 50-year-old steel mill south of Salt Lake City has received its share of the blame. But I challenge those who still believe it to be part of the problem to go to Orem and ask Mr. Thomas to give them a tour and see firsthand what an enlightened and dedicated management team has done to meet the problem head on.

Jim Clayton

Micanopy, Fla.