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An effort to impeach the student body president of Utah Valley Community College failed in the student council, which voted 25-8 to retain Ken Patey.

Patey had asked for a hearing Thursday to answer allegations from the campus Law Society. More than 100 students turned out to hear comments from both sides and then to learn the results of the secret ballot vote of 33 student council members.Patey came under fire three weeks into the semester when he had not yet registered for classes and was automatically suspended as president.

He registered, and later the student council voted to reinstate him. But the controversy continued. Articles in the campus newspaper questioning Patey's performance sparked the Law Society to seek removal.

At the hearing, Carrie Hatch read from a prepared statement from the society detailing its concerns, including the way Patey was reinstated.

"Nowhere will you find that this student council, by anyone's reach of imagination, had the right to vote him back into the elected office of student body president," she said.

The society also cited problems in registering for a debate class and dropping another class last fall as examples of Patey's negligence and questioned his receiving a co-op credit for working when he is his own boss.

Patey answered each of the allegations, saying he followed the proper procedures in each case with the necessary approvals from all campus officials. During the three weeks he was not registered, he did not neglect his presidential duties, he said.

After the vote, Patey said he was relieved but had felt all along the council would support him.

"I'm glad my name's been cleared," he said. "The council's vote indicated the allegations are false and I'm excited to keep serving the students in the capacity I have."