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To the editor:

Seems to me the Deseret News has had more than a usual number of glitches in the past few months, most of them typos and some of them corrected formally the next day. The problem directly at hand concerns labeling the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons incorrectly Feb. 9 in a graphic showing the locale involved in the heliski hassle. The map was useful, but wrong.Earlier, the paper ran a byline story by the education editor or writer stating what a success had been accomplished in technology transfer to the public school system. Obviously, it was written from a handout written by an education type. The writer successfully included all the wooden dullness of the handout and then added some.

I searched in vain for a description of what technology was being transferred but never did find out. I'm aware of a project to use computers in some districts but couldn't tell if the word "technology" referred to this or something else.

A few items such as when and where transfer was accomplished, at what cost, by whom, etc., sure would have been helpful. As a school story, I'd give it an "F."

Charley Tingey

West Jordan