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To the editor:

We have all heard various horror stories about the veterans hospital here in Salt Lake City. I must report, "It just ain't so."I have just recently been released from that facility after a fairly long bout with pneumonia. What I experienced and witnessed convinced me that the VA Center is a top-notch medical facility.

My doctors were not only concerned about my health problem, which they diagnosed quickly and accurately, but concerned about the ongoing problems of anyone who is hospitalized. They worked hard to restore my health and to keep my spirits high.

I was happily surprised to see the dedication of the nursing and associated staff. For instance, the nutritionist was on my ward three times during my stay, each time making an in-depth study of what food the patients wanted and how they wanted it prepared. They even provided snacks for those who desired them.

So don't believe all those bad stories. A great number of common folk show up each day to do a little volunteer work for these deserving veterans. Perhaps you have a few extra hours you'd like to fill.

C.A. Beam

Salt Lake City