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To the editor:

A billboard sign by the Gus Paulos Automobile Agency located at the on-ramp to I-15 at 500 South was removed by order of the Utah Department of Transportation. I had seen the sign and am in total accordance with its message. It was a four-word message that simply stated "Drunk Drivers Exit Now." How much safer the freeways would be if the drunken drivers heeded this short message.UDOT officials said: "It looked too much like a regular road sign," and they feared some drunk might turn off the on-ramp, jump a 4-foot high concrete wall and wreck their car.

On Sept. 15, 1990, I lost a very special son-in-law to a drunken driver on this very freeway. Oh, how I wish this person had read this sign and suffered instead of this good man. My son-in-law did not deserve to die. He was innocently killed by someone so impaired he could not control his own vehicle.

I applaud Gus Paulos for trying to make this state a better place to live and raise families.

Dean Cannon

West Valley City