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The chairman of the militant Jewish Defense League, Irv Rubin, was in jail Saturday in what police say was a murder-for-hire plot, and police said they were searching for a second suspect.

Rubin, 46, was arrested Friday night as he left a restaurant, said police spokesman Mike Schwehr. Details of the alleged conspiracy were withheld pending a second arrest, Schwehr said. It stemmed from an incident in San Pedro, about 30 miles south of Los Angeles.Rubin, from Monrovia, denied involvement in the plot, said his attorney, Steven Goldberg. Rubin was held without bail.

"He has no idea where they're coming from or what they're based on. He does not know who the alleged victim is supposed to be," Goldberg said. "Not only are the charges false but they appear to come from another planet."

In 1985, Rubin succeeded Meir Kahane as league chairman when the group splintered into the Los Angeles-based Jewish Defense League and the New York-based Jewish Defense Organization. Goldberg said police told him the allegations did not involve the Jewish Defense League.

Yitzhak Ben Moshe, chairman of the league's Los Angeles chapter, said the accusation against Rubin was "totally without merit." The league has advocated use of violence in the Arab-Israeli conflict. It was founded in the early 1960s by Kahane, who was shot to death in a New York hotel on Nov. 5, 1990.