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Xavier Tisdol, an outstanding all-around prep athlete from Florida, has signed a letter of intent to play football for the University of Utah.

Tisdol, who is also a prolific scorer in basketball and one of the state's fastest sprinters, will sit out next year as a Prop. 42 case. According to Tisdol's high school coach, Jim Scroggins, Tisdol's Prop. 42 status scared off a number of big-time recruiters and allowed Utah to sign him."Everyone was after him," says Scroggins. "It was a case of having the test score, but he didn't have the 2.0 (grade point average)."

Playing for DeSoto High School, in Arcadia, Fla., Tisdol ran back punts and kickoffs, and starred in the secondary and at wide receiver. Tisdol also played at running back late in the season and gained 301 yards on just 26 carries - an 11.5-yard average.

The 6-1, 170-pound Tisdol also returned two interceptions for TDs and caught 24 passes for 396 yards and 2 TDs.

"He's one of the fastest guys in the state of Florida," says Scroggins. "He has great hands, great leaping ability, great moves. He reminds me of Anthony Carter (a former Florida prep) when he was the same age. He's going to be something special."

Explaining the late signing of Tisdol, Utah coach Ron McBride said, "We were basically done recruiting with three weeks to go (before the signing date). So we sent (assistant coach Dan Henson) to find the best Prop. guy he could find. We wanted a wide receiver, a running back or a defensive back. Tisdol looks like an outstanding player."

The Utes also made another late recruiting move, signing Brian Alba to a letter of intent. Alba was an all-state kicker for Skyline High School.

"He was an awesome kicker," says McBride.