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To the editor:

Can we afford Randy Horiuchi? In an excellent article in the Deseret News recently, there was an accounting of what was said and promised during the campaigning for county commissioner and what had actually been done - miles apart.One of the first acts was to erect a toll booth at the mouth of Millcreek Canyon to collect a fee from everyone who wants to drive up there. Did anyone ever approach the Boy Scouts, who have a camp in the canyon, to see if, as a service project, they would help to clean and restore campsites?

Horiuchi depleted tax funds by adding unnecessary jobs to his entourage and complained he should be able to add still more. What comes next, of course, is that we've got to have a property tax increase.

I'm glad Horiuchi didn't control the deciding vote on whether to restore or demolish the beautiful City and County Building. If his regard for historic buildings and places, as evidenced by his support of removing all vestiges of the Union Fort area, leaving behind just a marker, are any indication, one an be sure we'd see just a big glass box on Washington square.

Lilian S. Dittman

Salt Lake City