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Jazz forward Blue Edwards and Coach Jerry Sloan say that after meeting Saturday night, the "misunderstanding" that caused an angry exchange during Friday night's game has been settled.

Edwards said the matter is now a dead issue. "There really wasn't much to work out," said Edwards. "We just needed to clear some things up."Edwards said the discussion centered around "some things I questioned, as far as how he reacted negatively to things I would do."

"I didn't understand," he said.

Apparently all is well now, though. Edwards continued, "He said he felt I could be a great player and so sometimes he's harder on me. He said the reason is, he felt like I could be a player on the level of a Karl or John and he felt responsible for getting me there. I had the same things in mind, it's just that we were going about it from different directions."

Sloan also allayed fears Edwards had about being traded. Because the trading deadline was last month, Edwards' departure wasn't likely, anyway. Players traded after the deadline can't compete in the playoffs.

But Edwards said he heard trade talk from teammates, which was disconcerting. "But now I know there were no plans to get rid of me," he said.

Said Sloan, "It was a real good talk between us. There were no problems. It's just one of those things comes up in a game. I'm coaching the game and he knows that. He gets upset sometimes, and I know that."

Sloan added that there was "nothing there" to rumors the Jazz were shopping Edwards around the NBA. "I tell all our players that basically we aren't looking to make trades. We're not shopping our players."