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UNLV players have returned to the practice court, hopeful lawyers can convince a judge to put them into the NCAA tournament.

The players worked out for 90 minutes Sunday night under former Rebels coach Jerry Tarkanian. Ironically, Tarkanian is a defendant in the lawsuit the players filed Friday in state District Court.The No. 7 Rebels (26-2) are banned from postseason play this season as a final resolution of a 13-year battle between Tarkanian and the NCAA.

Lawyers for the players obtained a temporary restraining order allowing the Rebels to practice until the issue of postseason play is determined in another court hearing Wednesday. District Court Judge Donald Mosley is scheduled to decide then whether to grant a preliminary injunction forcing the NCAA to allow UNLV in the tournament.

Even a favorable court ruling may not get the Rebels in. University president Robert Maxson, locked in a struggle with Tarkanian, said the school would turn down any invitation.

"UNLV made a promise to the NCAA. Jerry Tarkanian made a promise to the NCAA," Maxson said. "We should keep that promise."

Similar efforts in federal court in the past have failed, with judges ruling the NCAA has the authority to discipline member schools.