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To the editor:

This letter is actually an appeal to anyone who might think it's funny and daring to take items placed on graves. I had made two simple arrangements of red and white silk flowers with a heart-sharped mylar balloon in two identical white baskets. As I placed them on our two sons' graves recently, my heart warmed with gratitude when I saw a bouquet also had been placed there by someone who cares.One day later, we found someone had taken one of the baskets, and even the bouquet was gone.

Our son was 12 when he died in 1990. Our other son died 20 years earlier at 13 months. They were in separate cemeteries until last Easter when we placed our firstborn next to his brother. Last August, when I arrived home from a trip, my husband drove us by the cemetery to show us the balloons he had placed on the baby's grave as it was the day of his 21st birthday. They were gone. Other things have disappeared.

I know I speak for other families when I say we don't enjoy holidays without our loved ones. It's no fun to put a flower at our precious sons' graves. We'd rather have a party with them. But this is all we have for a while. Please let us have this much.

Bonnie Jensen