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The Alpine School District will decide Tuesday night whether to construct new schools to help alleviate the district's overcrowding problem.

For several months, district officials have discussed the possibility of building new junior high schools in Lindon and north American Fork. To do so, the district would have to bond for about $30 million.More than half of Alpine's schools house student populations larger than capacity. Eleven elementary schools have more than 800 students, three junior high schools have more than 1,600 students and two high schools have more than 2,000 students. More than half of Alpine's elementary schools are on a non-traditional schedule, and one in every five students attends class in a portable classroom. The district's population grows by about 1,000 a year.

Two weeks ago, the district held public meetings in Orem and American Fork and most residents supported bonding to construct the new schools. Many residents also supported using scheduling alternatives to relieve overcrowding while the schools are being built.

At Tuesday's meeting, the school board will decide whether to bond and how much to bond for. Funding and other alternatives to relieve overcrowding will also be discussed. The meeting will be at the district offices, 575 N. 100 East, at 6 p.m.