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To the editor:

I think that it is quite unfair that Joe Cannon is taking all this abuse over the amount of money he is spending on his campaign for the Republican Senate seat. I would applaud him for his preparation against Wayne Owens this coming November.Brent Ward says that it is "obscene" that Joe is spending so much money, but what is really obscene is that Brent Ward (nor any of the other candidates except Joe) is not doing what it will take to beat Owens. How does he think that he is going to defeat Owens, when Owens is the first candidate ever to spend $1 million on a House seat, and out of 435 representatives in Congress, he ranks 11th in fund raising?

The simple fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, it is going to take any Republican at least $4-5 million to defeat Owens. It is unfortunate that campaigns cost so much, but that is just the reality of it.

In addition, Cannon is refusing any special interest PAC money. His entire source of campaign money is coming from concerned individuals who know that he will represent the people of Utah in an honorable way.

Dave Gebo