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To the editor:

It was a pleasure to see the focus given on "greening" by the Deseret News on Feb. 16. In his stories, Karl Cates did a good job in covering various government agencies involved with the planning and operation of greenways and parks.It is good to see different jurisdictions working together on a valley concept. Green corridors will help. Of course, the Jordan River is the main element in a valley concept. It is taking a long time for its potential to be recognized.

The valley concept should embrace trails and trail planning along with the Provo-Jordan River Parkway and the Dimple Dell Regional Park so that, someday, we can say "`How green is my valley."

Fragmentation was invited, in fact mandated, when state legislation establishing the Provo-Jordan River Parkway assigned responsibility for acquisition and development along the river to the riverside municipalities.

We must stop thinking of our homeland as a lot of little postal districts like North Salt Lake, Midvale, Taylorsville, Holladay, Kearns, Union, Millcreek, West Valley City, Murray, Sandy, Draper, Salt Lake City, etc., etc. We are a valley and should be identified with it.

Paul W. Hodson

Salt Lake City