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The Bengal, Idaho State University's student newspaper, published a special edition last week dealing with sexual issues and including a condom with each four-page paper.

Although health officials applauded the decision, some ISU officials questioned whether it was appropriate.Bengal editor Casey Swendig said the edition had been in the works for two months. "People don't think sex happens (on campus), they refuse to acknowledge it's going on among students. We neither condone nor condemn it; we're just looking out for the better interests of ISU students. We're trying to get a message out."

One ISU administrator, however, is concerned the condom insertion will tarnish the university's image.

"I like and support Casey, and yet I am concerned about the image of the university. I understand it's a freedom of the press issue," said Janet Anderson, ISU dean of student affairs, "but personally I am unsure a university paper is the place for a condom."

Anderson said she believes some people may not understand that the decision to send out a condom with each copy of the Bengal was not subject to prior approval by the administration. "My opinion is that I really don't see the school newspaper as a place where (condoms) should be distributed."

Swendig said he's received positive reactions from people who have either seen the edition or were aware it was planned. But he said the editorial staff is prepared for complaints.

Swendig predicted tests for sexually transmitted diseases at the student health center will increase due to the special issue.