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Weber State University has appointed two committees to advise its new Center for Environmental Services.

Named to the center's University Advisory Board are Robert R.Beishline, professor of chemistry; Bruce Davis, director of the Weber State center for business, economic training and research; Craig J. Oberg, chairman of the microbiology department; Roger C. Nichols, program director of clinical laboratory technology; Danny Vaughan, associate professor of geography; Carl Wood, assistant professor of automotive engineering technology; Samuel L. Zeveloff, chairman of the zoology department; John E. Lamborn, assistant professor of libraries; and Jess M. McKenzie, science-environmental and safety officer.

Named to the center's Community Advisory Board are Loren Anderson, head of civil and environmental engineering, Utah State University; Andy Anderson, Ogden city engineer; Stuart Boyd, program administrator for professional development, Weber State; Peter Gerity, dean of the College of Engineering, University of Utah; and Sidney Fonnesbeck, Utah League of Cities & Towns.

Also named to the community panel are Dennis Hansen, president of Applied Technology Consultants of Salt Lake City; Ross Hofeling, general manager of Waste Management Inc. of Ogden; Gale Larson, president of Consulting Engineers Council of Utah; Janice Miller, director of policy and planning for the Utah Department of Environmental Quality; Marilyn O'Dell of the Utah Soil and Water Conservation Society; Michael Redmond, hazardous chemical coordinator for Kimberly-Clark Corp. of Ogden; Stephen Reed, director of the Technology Assistant Center, Weber State; Craig Shaw, hazardous waste program manager, Hill AFB; Harold Thompson, member of the Weber County Planning Commission; and Joseph D. Thompson, director of waste management and environmental services, Thiokol Corp.

The Center for Environmental Services will provide technical assistance to community and business leaders in the areas of environmental planning, interpretation of state and federal regulations, organization of training programs and basic research.