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The Idaho Water Resources Board will conduct public hearings to gather additional comment on its plan for the Middle Snake River.

The Legislature directed the department in 1988 to develop comprehensive plans for river basins, river reaches and other geographic areas of the state.Ruth Shellback, Idaho Department of Water Resources planner, says the department is starting over in response to public complaints about the plan developed in 1990.

That plan didn't have enough data, was not comprehensive and did not adequately consider wildlife, according to the public, Shellback said.

The department has scheduled public hearings Tuesday in Hagerman and Thursday in Twin Falls to learn what issues people want covered in a comprehensive state water plan for the Middle Snake River.

The plan would cover activities in the river from Milner Dam to King Hill. The Legislature granted temporary protected status for the Middle Snake in 1988 and again last year. The designation remains in effect until March 22, 1993.