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Former workers of Baroid Corp. Drilling Fluids Division, Dowell Schlumberger, Grace Drilling and Halliburton Logging Services, Inc., are eligible for Federal Trade Act benefits.

Roosevelt Job Service Manager Tom Nordstrom said benefits are available to Baroid workers laid off on or after July 5, 1991, and before January 31, 1994; to Dowell Schlumberger workers laid off on or afater Feb. 15, 1991, and before Dec. 16, 1993; to Grace Drilling workers laid off on or after April 17, 1991, and before Feb. 7, 1994; and to Haliburton workers laid off on or after Jan. 1, 1991, and before Jan. 8, 1994."These benefits include payment of Trade Act unemployment insurance payments, job search and relocation allowances, and payment of approved training," said Nordstrom.

Trade affected workers filing for weekly Trade Act unemployment insurance payments must be enrolled in training or have a waiver of the training enrollment required to order to receive the payments.

Nordstrom advises workers separated from these firms within the certification periods to report to the Roosevelt Job Service Office to apply for their benefits.