Friday, April 17, marks the deadline for Millard County farmers to file for wheat and feed-grain deficiency payments, according to Donna Brown, county executive director of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service.

"The programs offer 40 percent of the estimated total deficiency payment rates for these crops in cash," Donna Brown said. Filing will be by appointment at the office in Fillmore.To qualify for the payments, price support loans and other 1992 farm program benefits, producers must reduce their acreage bases for most grains by 5 percent.

Estimated deficiency payment rates for 1992 crops are 65 cents per bushel for wheat, 48 cents for corn, 35 cents for barley and 15 cents for oats. The advance payment rates include 26 cents per bushel for wheat, 19.2 cents for corn, 14 cents for barley and six cents for oats.