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To the editor:

I cannot imagine a more perfect example of hypocrisy than is now being demonstrated by Yitzhak Shamir and his followers, both in Israel and the United States, as they plead for U.S. aid for "this great humanitarian effort," as Shamir calls it, to settle Jewish immigrants from Russia in Israel.They know full well that, according to an article by Karen Boren published in the March 22 Deseret News: "Most of the 390,000 Jews who arrived after the doors were opened in Russia in 1989 are highly educated with graduate degrees," and they did not leave Russia because of intense persecution, or even because of religions idealism.

Such education does not take place under the kind of persecution imposed upon tens of thousands of Palestinians by the Israelis.

Those Russian Jews were well-fed and clothed and housed; their parents had work while they were being educated; and they really owe something to the other Russians who helped to make it possible for them to develop their talents.

They should now be in Russia during these difficult times, to help those who helped them, if they had the slightest sense of gratitude.

On the other hand, consider the plight of the Palestinians who are persecuted by the Israelis, who steal their lands and their water and demolish their homes and deny their right to govern themselves while imprisoning or killing those who oppose them.

Where is there any show of humanitarianism for them by Shamir and his followers?

Arthur B. Erekson