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To the editor:

City Council member Nancy Pace and Mayor Deedee Corradini support the proposed three-layer Catholic parking structure in my neighborhood on First Avenue and next door to my historical house.They ignore the fact that neighbors do not want it; it is ugly; it is topped by the largest parking lot on First Avenue; it is inappropriate, will blight the neighborhood and destroy property values. It will bring pollution, noise and traffic from approximately 9,300 extra cars a month; it opens the way for a proposed LDS Business College parking structure; and it is not necessary - there is plenty of parking across South Temple Street.

Pace says the structure will improve the neighborhood. She does not like it when I say the exhaust, filth and noise from the Elks Club structure on First Avenue drove adjacent property owners away.

When I say I would like a garden on top of the structure instead of a parking lot, Pace says the Catholics cannot afford it and I am not able to embarrass structure architect John Belle with my complaints. I don't know why I should not embarrass any architect who tries to put a parking structure in a residential neighborhood. And when I ask Nancy if she would like the structure next to her, she says, "Not particularly."

Corradini and Pace act like they own our neighborhood and know what is good for us better than we do. They are ruthless.

Jane Layton Stromquist

Salt Lake City