Enid Greene, 2nd Congressional District Republican candidate, has taken a 10-point pledge and asks fellow candidates to take the same pledge.

Greene, former deputy chief of staff to GOP Gov. Norm Bangerter, pledges to: actively seek 12-year term limitation for members of Congress; refuse to accept the $40,000-per-year pay raise Congress gave itself; refuse to use the free franking (mailing) except to answer constituent letters; push to eliminate political action committees; refuse to accept any vacations, entertainment or gifts from any special interest groups; refuse any congressional perks provided at taxpayer expense; support the permanent creation of an independent counsel to investigate congressional ethics; abide by all the laws of the land, including those from which Congress has specifically exempted itself; support a law requiring federal agencies to log each contact by a member of Congress, just as they do now with lobbyists; and not sponsor any commemorative legislation.