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Using the old Lawrence Welk trade - a one, and a two, and a three - the San Francisco 49ers want to dance into the New England Patriot's No. 8 spot in the first round of Sunday's NL draft, the Examiner has learned.

The question is, who is the player the 49ers are pursuing?The most believable answer might be unbelievable to some, a quarterback, the one position coach George Seifert said he would not draft.

But this two-part deal would begin with the 49ers getting the best quarterback in the draft, David Klingler of Houston. That would open the way to trade 30-year old quarterback Steve Young, probably to the Raiders.

Although this is far more than conjecture, it also is far from a done deal. Or two deals.

Sources close to the Patriots verified Friday night that the 49ers offered their first, second and third round picks for New England's eighth spot in the first round. The belief there is that the 49ers want Klingler, whom the Kansas City Chiefs are after with Miami's No. 7 spot.

Also, 49ers officials refused to deny Friday that they are still discussing a Young trade with the Raiders and would not comment on a move into the top ten.

Two such deals probably would be entwined. If the 49ers cannot get Klingler, they may not want to deal Young. If they can get Klingler, then Young could be traded to make up for at least the second and third round picks they paid for Klingler.

In that case, the 49ers' willingness to trade up would hinge on the Chiefs' ability to take Klingler in the No. 7 spot.

Despite Seifert's statement that the 49ers would not draft a quarterback, team scouts apparently checked him out thoroughly, especially considering his dropoff in production as a senior.

They noted that a lack of supporting talent, particularly on the offensive line, was the most noticeable difference between his last two collegiate seasons.

In one game, 49ers scouts counted 54 times that Klingler was knocked down.

There were numerous reports Friday that the 49ers were attempting to move into the top ten from their No. 18 position in the first round.

They discussed a move to Seattle's No. 10 spot, for their first and second round picks, in order to take Indiana running back Vaughn Dunbar, who otherwise would be taken by Pittsburgh at No. 11. There were other reports the 49ers' target at No. 10 is Stanford fullback Tommy Vardell.

The Seahawks, who want one of the top offensive tackles, are not sure they will be able to swap down to No. 18 and get one.

That is the same hangup in the trade with the Patriots, who believe they can be no lower than No. 15 to get any one of four offensive linemen - Stanford's Bob Whitfield, Virginia's Ray Roberts, Virginia Tech's Eugene Chung, and, preferably, Miami's Leon Searcy.

So, if the 49ers really want that No. 8 spot, they may need to make an intermediary move to at least No. 15.

Up at No. 7, the Dolphins said they will keep their place if they can use it to draft Florida State cornerback Terrell Buckley. But, if he is gone, then the door is open for a trade.