With summer around the bend it's not too early to start planning your vacation. Visitor information for U.S. destinations is easy-to-come-by. All 50 states plus the District of Columbia offer free vacation planners that include color pictures, maps, calendars of events and sights to see. They list accommodations and campgrounds, too. All but six states have toll-free phone numbers, making it easy and inexpensive to order the booklets.

It will take from two to six weeks to receive the packets, so order now.


Alabama 1-800-ALABAMA

Alaska 907-563-2167

Arizona 602-542-8687

Arkansas 1-800-NATURAL

California 1-800-862-2543

Colorado 1-800-433-2656

Connecticut 1-800-CTBOUND

Delaware 1-800-441-8846

Florida 904-487-1462

Georgia 1-800-VISIT GA

Hawaii 1-800-257-2999

Idaho 1-800-635-7820

Illinois 1-800-ABE-0121

Indiana 1-800-289-6646

Iowa 1-800-345-4692

Kansas 1-800-KANSAS

Kentucky 1-800-225-8747

Louisiana 1-800-33GUMBO

Maine 1-800-533-9595

Maryland 1-800-543-1036

Massachusetts 1-800-447MASS ext.500

Michigan 1-800-543-2937

Minnesota 1-800-657-3700

Mississippi 1-800-647-2290

Missouri 1-800-877-1234

Montana 1-800-541-1447

Nebraska 1-800-228-4307

Nevada 1-800-237-0774

New Hampshire 1-800-542-2331

New Jersey 1-800-537-7397

New Mexico 1-800-545-2040

New York 1-800-225-5697

North Carolina 1-800-VISIT-NC

North Dakota 1-800-437-2077

Ohio 1-800-BUCKEYE

Oklahoma 1-800-652-6552

Oregon 1-800-547-7842

Pennsylvania 1-800-VISIT-PA

Rhode Island 1-800-556-2484

South Carolina 803-734-0136

South Dakota 1-800-843-1930

Tennessee 615-741-2158

Texas 1-800-888-8839

Utah 801-538-1030

Vermont 802-828-3236

Virginia 1-800-248-4833

Washington 1-800-544-1800

Washington D.C. 202-789-7000

West Virginia 1-800-CALL-WVA

Wisconsin 1-800-432-TRIP

Wyoming 1-800-225-5996