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Alta View Hospital-

BRODERICK, Bruce and Julie, West Jordan, girl.

GIRARDI, Kenneth and Kathy, Riverton, girl.

LUND, Jeff and Celeste, Salt Lake City, girl.

OLSCHEWSKI, Bruce and Kara, West Valley City, boy.

ROLLING, Lane and Catherine, Sandy, girl.

SCHNEITER, Gary and Kim, Sandy, girl.

WEST, Paul and Tricia, Sandy, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

PINKERTON, Kirk and Wendy, Salt Lake City, twin girls.

CANNON, Grant and Amie, Sandy, girl.

CORBETT, Marilyn and BROCKMEYER, Douglas, Salt Lake City, girl.

KRUEGER, Connie and ASHTON, Wayne, Salt Lake City, girl.

LEAVITT, Dale and Lorie, Peoa, girl.

MARKUS, Kurt and Marilyn, West Jordan, girl.

MATHEWS, Eric and Heidi, Sandy, boy.

NEWBOLD, Danny and Deborah, Midvale, girl.

PATTERSON, Erik and Nicole, Orem, girl.

PUTNAM, Dwayne and Carrie, Park City, girl.

RODRIGUEZ, Luis and Juana, Midvale, girl.

SAWYER, Alan and Kimberley, Sandy, girl.

SIMS, Paul and Terri, Bountiful, boy.

SMITH, Curtis and Joanne, Salt Lake City, girl.

STAPLES, Paul and Corin, Salt Lake City, boy.

SUAPAIA, Capely and Liane, West Valley City, girl.

THOMPSON, Travis and Amy, Salt Lake City, boy.

TORRES, Robert and LaVonne, Salt Lake City, girl.

WARDLE, Brad and Judy, Salt Lake City, boy.

WRIGHT, Wes and Laura, West Jordan, girl.

LDS Hospital-

COATES, Carl and Marylou, Salt Lake City, boy.

COLTON, Larry and Janice, Salt Lake City, girl.

CYR, Joseph and Pamela, Salt Lake City, boy.

DAYHUFF, Neil and Kirsten, Salt Lake City, boy.

GALLACHER, Jeffrey and Kristine, Salt Lake City, boy.

LARSEN, Colin and Rhonda, Layton, girl.

PATTERSON, Bradley and Julie, Salt Lake City, girl.

PORTER, Brett and Jody, Salt Lake City, girl.

PRICE, Ryan and Katharine, Salt Lake City, girl.

ROBINSON, Clyde and Tonya, Salt Lake City, boy.

ROYBAL, Benny, Salt Lake City, boy.

RYDALCH, Craig and Kena, Oakley, boy.

SMITH, Alan and Christine, Magna, boy.

STACKHOUSE, Chris and Karen, Midvale, girl.

TURNER, Craig and Shelly, Salt Lake City, boy.

WARLAMONT, Mr. and Mrs. Salt Lake City, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BOSH, Kelly and Kathy, Kearns, girl.

EPPLEY, Byrd and Sheri, Midvale, boy.

FINNERTY, Richard and Laura, Salt Lake City, boy.

HURST, Mark and Carolyn, Salt Lake City, girl.

MACKAY, Mike and Dawn, West Valley City, boy.

PETERSON, Jeff and Nanette, Kamas, girl.

SMITH, Gary and Christy, Salt Lake City, girl.

WARREN, Wayne and Nancy, Salt Lake City, boy.

WILLIAMS, Brad and Carla, Salt Lake City, boy.

University Hospital-

AM, Prounh and KHOU, Sunla, Salt Lake City, boy.

DULANEY, Helena, Salt Lake City, boy.

HOPES, Kimberly, Salt Lake City, boy.

MILLER-ERNEST, Bill and Ronda, Bountiful, girl.

WHITTLE, Charles and Kate, Salt Lake City, girl.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

PARK, Harlo and Penny, Pleasant Grove, twin boys.

ALLEN, John and Rose, Provo, girl.

ANDERSON, Glen and Sonja, Orem, boy.

ARBUCKLE, James and Joanne, Orem, girl.

ARNEY, Douglas and Tracee, Orem, girl.

BLANEY, Ted and Reva, Orem, boy.

BROCCO, James and Donna, Provo, girl.

BRODRICK, Lance and Miriam, orem, boy.

CARLSON, Curtis and Susan, Orem, boy.

CHANTHARATH, Kenechay and Scutsada, Orem, girl.

CLARK, Randall and Carolyn, Orem, girl.

COCKER, Charles and Michelle, Orem, girl.

CROWLEY, Edson and Zeldra, Orem, boy.

DECKER, Jay and Bethann, Orem, girl.

DEDRICKSON, Brad and Gina, Salem, girl.

FOX, Randy and Paula, American Fork, girl.

GUNDERSEN, Matthew and Suzanne, American Fork, girl.

HADLOCK, Lyle and Jan, Provo, girl.

HARDMAN, Todd and Alisa, Provo, girl.

HARRISON, Jason and Rebecca, Provo, boy.

HECKATHORN, Jason and Jeri, Orem, boy.

HIGHLAND, Billy and Anne, Provo, girl.

JORDAN, Ryan and Jasmin, Provo, boy.

KELLAR, Walter and Natalie, Provo, girl.

LARSEN, Rod and Danelle, Provo, boy.

MAX, Christopher and Jolynne, Provo, boy.

MERCER, Shawn and Krisztin, Orem, girl.

NUSINK, Shaun and Holly, Provo, boy.

PETERSON, Gregory and Hollie, Springville, boy.

RAPKING, John and Charlee, Provo, boy.

RICHARDSON, Mark and Lynn, Spanish Fork, girl.

SCHROEPPEL, Mark and Jackie, Orem, girl.

STEPP, James and Makell, Provo, boy.

TAPAHE, Emerson and Karen, Provo, boy.

WOOD, Brett and Ruth, Highland, boy.