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To the editor:

The management at KSL, and the producers of the "Focus" program in particular, deserve gratitude and praise for the way in which they have been exposing the frailties and hypocritical greed in our society.Shelley Osterloh and Duane Cardall rose to the highest levels of journalistic excellence recently when, on their Focus program, they dared to expose the hypocrisy and narrow self-interest of the NRA and its once-powerful agenda.

The NRA cleverly chose the mild-mannered appearing Mike Sebastian to represent them in the hopes that this would disguise the true nature of its bullying, intimidating membership nationally.

We were treated to an exhibition of this type of abusive behavior recently when Sarah and Jim Brady (Reagan's former press secretary who was crippled by a handgun in 1982) were invited to speak at the University of Nevada and were booed and shouted off the stage by an angry group of NRA gun owners, leaving Sarah Brady in tears.

Studies conducted nationally show conclusively that a gun in the home, far from offering protection, is 16 times more likely to kill a family member, friend or neighbor than it is a criminal intruder.

Charles S. Bollard