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CLIFFORD A. BRENNAN, 57, Garden Grove 7th Ward, Garden Grove California Stake; to serve the Corona California and Lancaster California regions; former mission president's counselor, multi-region public affairs director, stake president and counselor, stake executive secretary, and bishop; received bachelor's degree from BYU and master's degree from Stanford University; marketing director of food company; born in Walla Walla, Wash.; married Stania Clarene Lott.

CLARK A. DAVIS, 50, Chico 3rd Ward, Chico California Stake; to serve the Chico California and Redding California regions; former stake president, bishop and counselor, elders quorum president and counselor, Sunday School teacher, and Varsity Scout leader; received bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctorate from Utah State University; professor of sociology at California State University at Chico; born in Wallsburg, Utah; married Linda Mahoney.A. GUILLERMO DIAZ LOPEZ, 43, Central Ward, Guatemala City Guatemala Central Stake; to serve the Guatemala City South Region; former stake president and counselor, high councilor, and bishop's counselor; sales administrator; born in Guatemala; married Marta Beatriz Aldana.

CHUN SHING JOHNSON MA, 40, Kwai Chung 2nd Ward, Hong Kong New Territories Stake; to serve the Hong Kong Region; former stake president, bishop, and Sunday School teacher; manager of Japan Airlines freight department; born in Hong Kong; married How Man Helen Ng.

DANILO TALANSKAS, 41, Ferreira Ward, Sao Paulo Brazil Taboao Stake; to serve the Sao Paulo Brazil North Region; former mission president and counselor, stake president, high councilor, and bishop; company general manager; earned master's degree from BYU; born in Sao Paulo, Brazil; married Marina Talanskas.