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Spring fever: Bosses everywhere are probably trying to think up remedies for spring fever, the yearly epidemic that keeps employees from doing their jobs.

Why fight it?Employers ought to encourage their employees to get as much sun as possible during the workday. People who show up at work only to daydream about water skiing or fishing or sunbathing aren't much good, anyway.

Here are some lunchtime activities that may help get people through the day:

1. Catch a few innings of a high school baseball game.

2. Eat lunch at the nearest park.

3. Soak your feet in a stream.

4. Climb a tree.

5. Drive up a canyon with the windows down.

6. Take a bicycle ride.

7. Hit a bucket of golf balls at the driving range.

8. Start a water fight in the office.

9. Listen to the bagpipe player at Tabernacle Park.

10. Eat some ice cream real fast.

Oh, say, we can see: A few weeks ago, we wrote about the filthy flags flying in the median on Center Street and University Avenue. We said the air quality in Provo could be measured simply by looking at the dingy banners. The white Provo City flag with the color spectrum across it had become carbon monoxide gray. The white stripes on the American flag had turned a PM10 pewter.

Last Monday afternoon, we looked out our Knight Block Building window to check the air quality. Two Provo City flag inspectors (firefighters) were in the middle of changing a flag from gray to white.

City officials told us our dirty review of their flags didn't have much to do with running clean flags up the poles. The banners are switched every spring, they said. We can buy that. After all, they've spent the winter soaking up smog.

Sticking it to 'em: Orem City officials are spreading the word about the city's No. 1 ranking as America's most livable community via the mail. The city designed circular foil stickers emblazoned with "America's most livable community" and "1st, 1991-1992, Money Magazine."

All departments are putting the gold, blue and red stickers on outgoing mail. It's a good idea. Will Provo follow suit?

Take two: Scenic nature photos gracing the hallway leading to Provo Mayor Joe Jenkins' office were taken by a man who used to frequent the office: Chet Waggener.

Waggener retired from his position as chief administrative officer Jan. 1, 1991. He vowed to begin a second career as a photographer. Waggener is making good on that promise.

He shoots mostly local scenes - Cascade Springs, Mount Timpanogos and Bridal Veil Falls.

"I'm not making any great amounts yet and probably won't," Waggener said.

But he is adding color to the city offices and promoting Provo at the same time.

Quote o' the week: "I got elected by a bunch of Mormons, and I can tell you they're not going to stand by and re-elect me if I put a service charge on their churches." - Provo City Councilman Jim Daley at a recent council workshop. The council is considering a user fee assessed to residents, businesses, churches and schools to build a $25 million stormwater drainage system.

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