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Arnold Schwarzenegger says couch potato kids aren't born, they're made by working mothers.

The body builder-turned-actor is chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. He said he and his wife, TV journalist Maria Shriver, watch television selectively and control the viewing of their two young daughters."I am so little at home that if I turn on the TV, when do I talk with my wife? When do I play with my kids? But that's what people do. That's how they create the couch potatoes. I don't see TV as the villain here. The villain is the economic situation and women's equal rights," the "Terminator" star said in the latest issue of TV Guide.

"Women go out and get jobs and the husband has a job. Where does this leave the children? When they come home they sit down in front of the TV set, so communication breaks down and the kids don't talk with their parents."