Self-proclaimed "bad cook" Mike D. Nelson says he's spent the past 10 years searching for the worst recipes in the world.

Nelson's culinary philosophy: Better to succeed at being a bad cook than to fail at being a good one."I'm a bad cook," he says. "And there are millions of other bad cooks out there. Now there's a cookbook just for us."

Nelson is planning to have his cookbook published this year, but if you've got a really bad recipe, there's still time to submit it for consideration. His choice of recipes so far: Chocolate Covered Chicken, Tuna-Marshmallow Supreme, Wiener Water Soup and Liver Pudding.

In return for sharing prized concoctions, Nelson says contributors will get their name in print (if they are willing to take a credit) and-or a complimentary copy of the cookbook. Send entries to: Worst Recipes, Box 580075, Minneapolis, Minn. 55458.