A record high 600 seniors graduated from Layton High School Wednesday.Because of the large size of the class, the ceremony was held outside for the first time ever.

Student speaker Lisa Powell spoke on the "Powerful Play.""Graduates of the Class of '92 are the scientists and researchers who will find a cure for AIDS someday," she said.

Heather J. Saldivar spoke on "All the Difference" and read a poem by Robert Frost - "The Road Not Taken." She said every graduate will make a difference in the world, despite taking different paths in life.

"Ultimately, every small step makes a path of some type or another," she said.

In Gretchen C. Rackley's address, titled "The Script," she not only recounted how the graduates had arrived at the commencement day but related life to a play.

She said graduation is the first scene of life, the skills the students have are the props and all the people in life are like actors.

Lora R. Peterson talked about "The Final Curtain," relating how "All the world's a stage." She also talked about the diversity individuals have.

Melinda Olsen talked about "More of Everything," and Rustyn L. Sherer related how "I Am."

Lynn Summerhays, president of the Davis Board of Education, and Nancy Fleming, assistant superintendent in the district, presented diplomas to the graduates.

Layton High Principal Paul C. Smith said the large size of this graduating class will be exceeded next year. The new Northridge High School will not have a senior class during its first year of operation, and all seniors in the area will attend Layton.




Location: 440 N. Lancer Lane, Layton

Number of graduates: approximately 600.

Theme: "The power play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. Waht will your verse be?" (From the movie, "The Dead Poet's Society.")

Student speakers: Lisa m. Powell, Melinda Olsen, Rustyn L. Sherer, Heather J. Saldivar, Gretchen C. Rackley and Lora R. Peterson.

Senior class officers: President: Brett Horstman; secretary: Melissa Winegar.