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To the editor:

I was really glad when the Deseret News came out with an editorial in defense of the talk that Vice President Dan Quayle gave about "Murphy Brown."The editorial told how Dan Quayle's critics kept missing the point. As was brought out, the point is that at a time when illegitimacy and abortion are both on the rise, young Americans need a much better role model than Murphy Brown.

As the vice president said, children also need love and discipline and mothers and fathers; a welfare check is not a husband, and the state is not a father. Children learn how to behave in society, from parents. Where there are no mature, responsible men around to teach boys how to be good men, gangs serve in their place.

I heartily agree with this editorial, and those that were critical of our vice president should be ashamed of themselves.

I tried to watch "Murphy Brown" once on TV but turned it off. I found it to be loud, vulgar and immoral. I turn off a lot of programs of this kind. It seems that the only good ones are the old black and white movies, the nature programs and those that are decent and don't take the name of the Lord in vain.

Ruth Jorgensen