Mazda has announced a voluntary recall of all 1990 and 1991 model Mazda MPV multipurpose vehicles sold in the United States because of potential rear-brake problems.

Mazda said a total of 95,074 vehicles are subject to the recall, brought on by the possibility of inconsistent braking in models that were manufactured between July 1989 and June 1991.The carmaker said as the brakes wear, the coefficient of friction of the rear brake linings can increase. That can cause inconsistent brake response which may result in the rear-wheel braking system activating prematurely.

Owners have been asked by mail to bring their vehicles to an authorized Mazda dealer for the inspection and, if necessary, replacement of the rear brake shoes.

Mazda spokesman Fred Aikins said there had been several accidents purported to have resulted from the problem, but added the company has not yet determined the cause of the accidents.