The following recall notices appear in the June issue of Consumer Reports.

- '91 Kawasaki ZX1100 motorcycle. Rear brake hose could rub against brake rotor and leak, reducing stopping ability. 1,760 motorcycles made 9/90-10/91. Ask your dealer to reroute the brake hose.- '82-'85 Honda Accord. Road salt could corrode fuel filler or breather pipe, resulting in fuel leak and possibly fire. 903,219 cars made 8/81-9/85. Ask your dealer to inspect, and if necessary, replace pipes.

- '92 Dodge D150 Ram pickup truck. Parking brake may not be fully engaged even though it appears so, and vehicle could roll away. 800 trucks made 11/91. Have dealer install parking brake cable assembly with proper length spring.

- '91 Chrysler Town and Country, Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager with antilock brakes. Brake fluid could leak, reducing stopping ability and increasing possibility of brake lockup. 10,492 minivans made 6/91-7/91. Have dealer replace ABS pump if last six digits on pump are between 052300 and 059262.

- '86-'89 Hyundai and Mitsubishi models. Malfunction of emissions-control component could melt plastic air-filter case and cause engine-compartment fire. 895,000 cars including '86-'89 Hyundai Excel and '87-'89 Mitsubishi Precis. Have your dealer replace the defective component.

- '87-'90 Volkswagen Cabriolet and '87-'88 Scirocco. Fuel tank could crack and leak, causing fire hazard. 51,000 cars made 8/86-8/89. Have dealer inspect and if necessary replace fuel tank.

- '89 Chrysler LeBaron and Dodge Daytona. In regions where road salt is used, disc-brake linings could separate, resulting in increased stopping distances. 41,000 cars made 8/88-12/88. Have your dealer replace front and rear linings on cars with 15-inch brakes. Replace only rear linings on cars with 14-inch brakes.

- '87 Toyota Camry. Liquid spilled onto dash could seep into electronic mechanism that controls motorized safety belts, causing belt to malfunction. 175,923 cars made 8/86-7/87. Have dealer install protective cover over electronic control unit.

- '91 Honda Accord. Light in cargo area could short-circuit, causing fire hazard. 19,688 station wagons made 11/90-5/91. Have dealer remove washers behind cargo area light and, if necessary, replace light assembly.