For the fourth year in a row, Dee Elementary School in Ogden is the only Utah school certified by the Computer Learning Foundation, said CLF Director Dr. Sally Bowman Alden of Palo Alto, Calif. And, for the second year in a row, Dee was selected as second-best in the nation.

Dee qualified as a certified school for Levels I, II and III. For Level I, all faculty members had to review three new software programs. For Level II, all faculty members had to write lesson plans to use computers for teaching some content area subject. For Level III, the school had to develop and submit a plan for implementing technology in the school.The school will receive an educational software and hardware package as part of its award.

In addition to the school's awards, Dee's fourth-grade coordinator David M. Thomas was awarded a third place in the 1991 Computer Learning Month Contest "Using Technology to Achieve the National Education Goals." Thomas submitted a paper describing Dee's "I Can Write!" project, which he developed and has directed the past six years.

"I Can Write!" was funded through an Apple Computer grant.