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The past week saw Mayor Deedee Corradini embroiled in the bankruptcy proceedings of Bonneville Pacific and President Bush fending off tear gas during a stopover in Panama en route to the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Other events included a tanker spill in Provo Canyon, the separation of conjoined twins in Houston and the wrestler Hulk Hogan mugging for the camera in Florida.

SUNDAY: A lightning bolt strikes the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

MONDAY: Firefighters wash off after working on a tanker that overturned and landed in the Provo River, spilling ammonium nitrate and diesel oil. The accident renewed calls for a truck ban in Provo Canyon.

WEDNESDAY: Conjoined twins Tiesha and Iesha, shown before their surgical separation, are in stable condition after the operation in Texas. The 13-month-old girls were born joined from the chest to the navel and had attached hearts and livers.

TUESDAY: A report filed with the U.S. bankruptcy court says Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini and her former business partners funneled assets from now-bankrupt Bonneville Pacific to themselves. Corradini has asked Harold G. Christensen, former U.S. deputy attorney general, to give her a review of the report. A Salt Lake attorney has been named trustee for the company. A federal judge has suggested the trustee sue former officers in the company to retrieve assets they took from the company.

THURSDAY: A Secret Service agent rushes to the aid of President Bush after Panamanian police used tear gas to repel anti-U.S. demonstrators in Panama City.

FRIDAY: Pro wrestler Hulk Hogan shows his bulk next to 6-year-old actress Madeline Zima during a break in filming "Rough Stuff" in North Miami, Fla.