A 2-year-old plunging from a ninth-floor window landed on a bush that snagged his diaper, stripping him naked but also saving his life, an apartment manager said.

Joshua Beatty suffered only a scratch on his forehead in Friday's 90-foot fall, said Colette Stimmell, a spokeswoman for William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak."It was like God held out his hands and caught him," said Lonnie Thompson, a maintenance worker at Charter House Apartments in suburban Detroit.

Apartment manager John Switala said the boy's mother, Gina Beatty, put Joshua down for a nap just before noon Friday.

Apparently the boy got out of bed and leaned against the aluminum frame window, pushing out the screen and falling out the window, Switala said.

The manager arrived to find the little boy standing in the building's lobby with leaves on his chest, his mother sobbing behind him.

"What happened?" asked Switala.

"I f-f-fell," Joshua stammered. His diaper and a sock hung on a bush outside.