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To the editor:

It appears that an organized negative press campaign is being waged against U.S. senatorial candidate Joe Cannon for his campaign spending. I am confident that neither delegates to the Republican State Convention nor the general public will be fooled by this type of negative campaigning.Rather, the malcontents will continue to have little success in their efforts to defuse the real issues for which Cannon stands - a candidate superbly qualified to be Utah's next U.S. senator.

Cannon, too ethical to take cheap shots at his opposition, became rich through his own courage and hard work. He realized he was not well known to the average Utah citizen and, to gain name recognition early in the campaign, had the choice of spending his own money or accepting PAC money as does Wayne Owens.

Cannon has 21st-century thinking and can and will shake up a government out of control. If Utahns fail in their support and allow vested interests with all their money and manpower to elect political hacks, they will deserve what they get, and get it they will - in the pocketbook.

William A. Lang

Salt Lake City