To the editor:

For the first time in my life, I've considered not voting in the presidential race this November. I've always been politically aware and involved, but this year's presidential candidates dishearten and discourage me.Bill Clinton's ethics and arrogance make my skin crawl, and George Bush has proven himself to be untrustworthy. He has promised not to raise taxes but has gone back on his word and done so. He has promised to be the "education president," but where are the results of his promises? I don't see much change in our educational system.

He claims to be the "environmental president" and has proven that by single-handedly sabotaging the U.N. Earth Summit. His aides have even gone so far as to say that Bush despises environmentalists and environmental organizations.

I've found an alternative to not voting this fall, one which will ease my conscience a bit. His name is Ross Perot. He is very much pro-family. He doesn't have much of a political platform as of yet, but at least he's not lying to us. He may be a hard-nosed businessman, but he uses personal initiative to get things done. He is ethical and faithful to his family, unlike Bill Clinton. Perot has done much to help education in Texas and has done a tremendous amount of work to help the Boy Scouts. The man may have his faults, but he's much better than the alternatives.

Tracy R. Bitter