Executive sessions could become a regular part of the Utah Board of Economic Development's business.

At the request of board member John Price, who feels the board's executive committee is "spoon feeding" the board a few of the items facing it, the board decided to hold an executive session before the regular board meeting, which is the third Thursday of every month, if necessary.Price, an outspoken board member who suggested holding an executive session to discuss an item on the board's agenda at Tuesday's meeting, said the executive committee has ruled on some items that never get to the board for a decision.

Ellis Ivory, chairman, said he couldn't remember a decision made by the executive committee when funding was involved that wasn't taken to the entire board.

Attorney Max Farbman, who serves on the executive committee with Ivory, Bonnie Miller, Roger Boyer and Hugh Pinnock, said everything discussed by the executive committee has been taken before the board. He suggested opening the executive committee meetings to anyone who wants to attend.

In the end, Ivory said he would notify every board member in advance of the executive committee meeting and any board member could attend. If there are issues that shouldn't be discussed in public, the board will hold an executive session before the regular meeting.

Miller reminded the board that under the Open and Public Meetings Act, sessions can be held only to discuss legal issues, labor negotiations, property purchases or personalities, meaning the board is obliged to discuss most items in public. In any event, votes must be taken in public.