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To the editor:

Choice is such a wonderful word. It connotes free agency, and who wouldn't be in favor of that? It is amazing that so many intelligent people are so easily fooled into believing that abortion is nothing more than a choice. There is no need to feel guilty for killing your unborn baby because you were simply making a choice, exercising free agency.Doctors, at least through their organizations, have lined up favoring abortion. They believe the benefits of all the fetal tissue ("think of all we can learn to help mankind") far outweigh any concerns over the health and welfare of the unborn child.

And we are not talking about a situation where the mother's health is at risk. The medical organizations want absolute freedom of choice for any woman who wants to get rid of her unborn baby, at least as long as they can get their hands on the "tissue." Where does that lead us? They excuse the murder of their unborn child on grounds of pure convenience - we can't afford it; it would be unwanted; it might have a disease.

The next "choice" that many of these selfish people will want to make concerns their parents. When the parents no longer provide support for these children and are no in need of support themselves, the children will be heard to say: But we can't afford to care for our parents; who wants their parents to come and live with them; our parents are senile and have diseases. And what will the "choice" be?

Think how happy the medical organization will be. They will have all of this new tissue to study and much of it will be ravaged by the hard life the people endured. It will have interesting diseases to study. It will be good for mankind to study this tissue because doctors may find cures for these diseases. The AMA could even develop a new oath - the Frankenstein oath.

My suggestion would be to have waiting rooms with gas outlets that the old folks could be led to. The gas chambers could be located at the offices of the ACLU so when the old folks go to see about their civil liberties, the Michele Parishes of the world could usher them into their death - oops, euthanasia.

But think of the benefits for mankind. And after all, the kids were just making a choice.

David C. Dixon