Kids of all ages love to tell jokes and riddles and make simple puns. Word games aren't just great family fun, they foster a love for language and reading, too. Here's a Father's Day cardmaking activity that's loaded with puns and sure to please Dad on Father's Day.

Here's how to make a pop-up card for Pop:For this project you'll need two sheets of 81/2 by 11-inch typing paper or construction paper. Fold one of the pieces of paper in half. Using the folded side, make a triangle by folding down the corner about 3 inches from the top of the paper. Open the paper and push the centerfold toward you. Crease the fold with your fingers. When you open and close the sheet, that top-center portion of the paper should pop out.

Fold the second sheet of paper in half and place the pop-out sheet inside. Glue or tape the sheets together along the edges.

Decorate the card with drawings or cutouts from magazines playing on a "pop" theme. Here are some ideas to get you popping with puns:

- On the front of the card write "A Pop-Up Card for My Pop."

- Attach and label a cutout of a baseball to the top of the popout portion of the card for a "pop" fly. The ball will look as if it's in midair when the card is opened.

- Glue and label popcorn to the card, a Popsicle stick or wrapper, "pop" art and a label from a "pop" bottle.

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