The city Pension Commission has certified Police Chief Daryl Gates' retirement, three weeks ahead of schedule.

The commission voted 5-2 Thursday to certify the retirement, which is effective June 28.The panel originally planned to consider it at its July 9 meeting, the first time it was scheduled to meet after his retirement. It acted more quickly after city officials expressed concern that Gates could reverse his decision any time before the application is certified.

Gates had hinted he might withdraw his retirement papers before the Pension Commission acted.

On Thursday, he said commission members were "petty" for voting ahead of schedule but said he had given his word to his successor, Willie Williams, that he would step down by the end of the month.

Gates, 65, chief for 14 years, has been pressured to step down since the March 3, 1991, videotaped police beating of motorist Rodney King. The pressure mounted after police were slow to contain the riots that erupted April 29 after four white officers were acquitted of beating King, who is black.

Gates will get an annual pension of $128,527.