Congress has passed and rushed to President Bush a $1.1 billion package of aid for riot-torn Los Angeles, flood-damaged downtown Chicago and other inner cities after yielding to the administration's refusal to accept a $2 billion program.

The bill was approved 249-168 by the House Thursday and then passed by the Senate on a voice vote.The bill includes money for disaster grants and loans to help Los Angeles recover from the riots that struck that city in late April, and for Chicago, where an underground flood caused major damage to the downtown area in mid-April.

The measure also includes $500 million that would create 360,000 summer jobs for big-city youths.

The bill almost was derailed when Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., offered an amendment to add $50 million to make certain there is enough money to deal with disasters created by tornadoes that ripped through parts of Minnesota and other states.

"Right now, I care as much about Chandler (flattened by tornadoes) as any city in America," Wellstone said.

Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, said disaster assistance is not earmarked but said there would be "sufficient funds" for the federal government agencies to help the tornado-hit areas.

Wellstone withdrew his amendment after receiving assurances from the agencies there was enough money for the tornado disasters.

The bill is expected to be followed by additional legislation providing long-range urban aid to encourage investment and development in America's cities.