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To the editor:

From January of 1990 onward, several articles have been written about the highway change in Logan Canyon proposed by the UDOT. Several letters were written by environmental groups opposing any changes on the canyon road.And this is understandable, knowing from their past records, any proposal that will benefit mankind, any suggestion that would give support to the economy or be of benefit to a community is automatically opposed.

Ron Hellstern, chairman of the Cache Sierra Club in Logan, writes that the scenic beauty and tranquillity of Logan Canyon was the catalyst that caused him to settle in Cache Valley. Sounds like another suitcase savior of Utah's environment has arrived.

Let us print the whole picture why the UDOT wants to make realignment changes in Logan Canyon. U.S. 89 in Logan Canyon is 40 miles long. Just a few years ago, on one of the sharp curves, five high school youths lost their lives. There have been 1,445 accidents in which 291 people were seriously injured. The hospital bills and automobile insurance coverage is more than the total cost of the road change, let alone the suffering, which to some was permanent. And we should go slowly, as Hellstern writes.

Can we equate the life of one soul taken or maimed on that road to a moment of blissful tranquility for Hellerstern on some mossy glade where he can meditate in peace somewhere in Logan Canyon? I cannot.

Paul L. Young