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A North Ogden man who pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl has been placed on probation and sentenced to six months in jail.

Mark W. Lichfield, 33, must also pay for counseling for his young victim, undergo sex therapy and pay a $781 fine.First District Judge Gordon J. Low gave Lichfield credit for time already served in jail and would allow work release if approved by the Division of Adult Probation and Parole.

But the judge also ordered him to stay away from alcohol and other drugs and submit to searches and random urine tests.

Lichfield was a resident of Wellsville when the incident occurred. According to police, the encounter was arranged by Sharon Kapp, a member of an Ogden polygamist sect headed by Arvin Shreeve.

Shreeve and several of his followers are serving lengthy prison terms for sexually abusing several youngsters in the sect.

After pleading guilty to the third-degree felony, Low ordered Lichfieldto undergo a 90-day evaluation at the Utah State Prison.

Defense attorney Douglas Brady said Lichfield had acknowledged his improper conduct, demonstrated remorse and was ready to "place his life in order."

While the prison diagnostic report recommended probation, Deputy Cache County Attorney James Jenkins said another report by a sex therapist determined Lichfield was a pedophile.

"He poses a serious risk to general society," Jenkins said. "As an alternative to prison, I recommend an inpatient sexual abuse program . . . because he will reoffend."

Brady said that report was refuted by the prison document.