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Park City School District Superintendent Nancy Moore says she has received threats and verbal abuse ever since a principal disclosed he had been put on probation.

Treasure Mountain Middle School Principal Brian Schiller asked a 3rd District judge to delay a scheduled Tuesday hearing on a grievance he filed against the superintendent.Moore has declined to comment about the battle that has divided the resort community since April, when Schiller told his staff that the superintendent had put him on probation and threatened to fire him.

"From the time Dr. Schiller went public with the probation and his grievance, I have received anonymous threats of physical harm and have suffered numerous instances of verbal abuse," Moore wrote in an affidavit filed in district court in Coalville Monday.

The two sides were set to meet for a grievance hearing before mediator Gene Jacobson Tuesday, but Schiller's attorney Friday filed a request for an injunction to postpone the meeting.

Attorney Eric Strindberg complained that Jacobson, an education professor emeritus at the University of Utah, had earlier dealings with Moore and "considered himself to be an acquaintance of her," according to court documents.

Moore countered in her affidavit that she is "not a friend of Dr. Jacobson, nor have I ever interacted socially with him."

Judge Homer Wilkinson agreed Monday evening to postpone the grievance hearing 20 days, despite objections by the attorney for Moore and the attorney for the Park City School District.

Several memos between Schiller and Moore have been filed as part of the request for the court injunction. In an April 21 letter, Moore placed the principal on probation for 60 days and told him his "continued employment with the district is in question."

She listed several job-performance areas Schiller must correct to keep his job, including "improve philosophy compatible to district philosophy, improve supportive attitude, improve practice of being a `team player,' " and improve his "divisive, argumentative attitude."

Schiller said that "as early as November 1989, (Moore) suggested that my resignation would be beneficial to the school district and her role as superintendent." He said the probation was unwarranted and was part of the systematic harassment he has endured under the superintendent's tenure.